Leaky Feeder System
VHF - UHF - EXia

Leaky feeder radio communications have become the most reliable
and efficient means for communicating within mines and tunnels. As a transparent form of communication, from radio to radio, telephone to radio, data modern equipment to PC, the Sigma Communication Systems range of leaky feeder systems offers fully flexible options to suit your particularity operation.

VHF Line Amplifier

SCS1000 Series VHF SMARTTune Automatic Line Length Compensation In-Line Amplifier. The VSTLAD SMARTTune is a quantum step forward in amplifier design, offering a very SMART attenuator, which means that you can literally install SMARTTune amplifiers anywhere in the leaky feeder cable and the amplifier will set its gain according to the level of input signal received from the previous amplifier. As all amplifiers include AGC in the common path, the level of output signal in the Base TX direction will be constant. This constant output of power is used by the next amplifier in the system as a measure of the gain required. If the cable is longer, then more gain will be applied etc. Voice and Data capable and is packaged in an IP66 heavy duty enclosure. The amplifier is powered from leaky feeder cable; no special tools are required to splice it into the leaky feeder cable.


Active Radiating Antenna Network
Ultra Low Noise System
Line Length Compensation
System Easily Expanded
Local and Remote Diagnostics
Multi Channel Voice and Data Facility
High Gran Amplifiers
Automatic Gain Control
Battery Backup
Data Transfer (Analog and Digital)
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Automatic Line Length Compensation
High Boise Immunity
IP66 Enclosure
Digital Diagnostics
Voice and Data Capable
12, 24 and 48VDC Versions

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