(1978 - 2018 - 40yrs of Excellence)

Radiosource Africa and Natal Communications form part of a group which was founded in 1978 as a specialist Radio Communications company. Together with our associate companies and dealer network we have access to the largest Community Repeater Network in Africa. Natal Communications has excellent B.E.E credentials and our Kirisun Brand is widely used throughout Sub Saharan Africa.

Radiosource is the exclusive distributor for Kirisun Communications and iTALK products for Sub Saharan Africa. Kirisun produces a wide range of radio communications equipment, from entry level Licence free units to high end Digital and PTT products. Radiosource is also a major distributor of accessories and our Stealth Brand has earned a reputation for its quality, value and durability. Our range includes: antenna’s, batteries (All leading Brands), microphones, ear pieces, power supplies, down converters, inverters, UPS, solar panels, wind chargers etc.

China is now arguably the largest manufacturer of radio communication equipment in the World and Kirisun is now a leading player in this fast growing market. Natal Communications has access to all leading brands of radio communications equipment at very competitive pricing and offers full product support. Our technical division can specifically engineer systems to meet the requirements of our customers.

In Africa, Radiosource also promotes Mining System Solutions and distributes products from
iTALK, Sigma Communications and Moxa, Leaky Feeder, Industrial Ethernet and Automation solutions. We have technical teams to provide for full system design, installation and integration.